Windows 8 release meant nothing to the PC and laptop market

Window-8- did-it-impact-the-sales-?

New operating system from Microsoft has no appreciable effect on the sales of new computers.

According to the stats from NPD Group, the PC market as a whole has not received any acceleration after the release of Windows 8, in fact, for the market debut of Windows 8 has passed almost unnoticed.

Since the release of Windows 8 on October 26, Windows-based devices (PCs and laptops) showed 21% drop in comparison with the same period last year. However, the analysts say that the average price Windows-based device has increased significantly from 433 dollars last year up to 477 dollars today.

According to the report laptops are now on the lowest demand for the full 2012 year with the drop in sales of about 24%. Sales of desktop PCs declined only by 9% if to compare the data with the previous year’s one. Windows 8 tablets are almost not presented on the market (less than 1% of all Windows 8 sales), so this line of the report has been submitted.

NPD notes that notebooks based on Windows 8 are on average more expensive than their predecessors for about 80 dollars. The growth rates are explained by the fact that many of them have touch screens, more RAM and SSD-drives instead of hard drives. Desktop PCs based on Windows 8 are more expensive by 10% on average also due to the more advanced hardware filling.

The analysts said that while Windows 8 has been on the market for one month only and it is too early to sum up any significant conclusions, but, judging by the early sales, the prospect is rather dark. In addition, the sellers themselves are somehow in no hurry to push Windows 8 devices. Today only 58% of all sold Windows-based devices are sold with Windows 8 installed. Windows 7 used to have 83%.

“It is possible that the sellers have bought too much equipment for the new year, and in August and September their plans for sales did not come true. Now they rush to sell out what they have stocks. Obviously, it hampers the spread of new technology. However, it is only one of the versions; it does not explain the fundamental decline in sales of computers and Windows 8, “- said Stephen Baker, the vice president of NPD.

Microsoft said that over the last month the amount of licenses sold for Windows 8 has reached 40 million units.

Although Microsoft does not recognize that the demand for Windows 8 is not breaking records, it says that the move from Windows 7 to Windows 8, especially in business, does not happen instantly. Tami Reller, director of marketing in Microsoft, said that Windows 8 is quite different of Windows Vista and Windows 7, so users need more time to look at the OS and switch to it. In addition, Windows 8 imposes different requirements on the hardware, which can also slow down the demand.

Window-8- did-it-impact-the-sales-?

Reller said that the attention of programmers to Windows 8 is growing as well as the availability of software for the new operating system. All of these factors may play into the hands of Windows 8. Microsoft says that the wave of business sales Windows 8 will have to go when the market gets new business notebooks and tablet filled with new hardware oriented to Windows 8. just a couple of hours ago Microsoft introduced the tablet x86-Surface Pro, running on chips Intel Ivy Bridge and Windows 8 Pro. The prices of these tablets are unusually high – from $ 899. While it is difficult to say how it will be accepted at the market.

Somehow to spur business move to Windows 8, Microsoft plans to start promoting hybrid Windows 7/8 migration programs.

By the way, today the site Bloomberg and The Verge independently published data showing that, Microsoft intends to put Windows on the annual cycle of updates, similar to that used for Apple Mac OS X 10.x. Now Windows is updated approximately once every three years. The sources at Microsoft say that the first “major updates” for Windows 8 can be expected in 2013. It is unknown whether these updates will be free.


This is a guest post from Kate, a techwriter from Intellectsoft, a mobile app development team.

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