When being connected, disconnects our real life

The social media

A part of Tata Consultancy Services Gen-Y survey indicates that over 75% of Indian youth prefer communication over the social media over phone calls to communicate. It also reveals that we are building a world where going virtual has become the new reality. Most of us will somehow manage to live without modern day inventions for at least a day. But a majority of us cannot live without internet, especially the social media. We are all tangled what is aptly called World Wide Web.

Social Mediaholism

Social Mediaholism

We need to be connected on the go. From offices, colleges to even schools, on road, while tackling the bustling crowd in a bus and even when we go shopping. Adrian Higgins of the Washington Post wrote, “Technology has drawn us into inter connected webs, in office, on street, on the park bench, to the point that we exist virtually everywhere except in the physical world.” Being connected turns out to be the biggest disconnection in our life. We slowly slip away from real people and real world to the comfortable virtual world thus escaping reality. This is what psychologists identify as “virtual escapism” where people take it to social media to relieve persisting feeling of depression or general sadness or dissatisfaction.
Socially awkward teenagers find it extremely easy to make friends online. When we think of real friendship, the one involving real people, we have duties and obligations which we must meet. But in the virtual world we need not venture anywhere beyond their profile. There are many “friends” on our list with whom we will not be comfortable talking to in real life. But when it comes to posting, tagging and pinging, following and retweeting everyone can do it. There are no boundaries. It also becomes a medium to pour out your feelings. A place to scream out your pent up emotions. There are not many people to judge you in the virtual world because everyone is busy doing the same. For some teenagers it just becomes the only way to live life.
There are certainties which people cannot miss out. Certainties as night breaking into day and things as certain as death and taxes. Social media is going to be a certainty our lives. At the end of the day even virtual is real and there are bound to be consequences. We must learn to live with it and not live in it.