Tips to Multi-Task Effectively on an iPad


If you own an iPad and wish to put it to the best use, we will tell you how you can do so. Read on to educate yourself on iPad multi-tasking tricks and tips. A few iPad apps and features that you can use to multi-task have been discussed.

Transferring and viewing videos and images and downloading documents

One of the best apps recommended for multi-tasking is the Downloads HD app. This app lets you stream images, music and movie files and other content from the Web. The downloaded files will be saved under this app’s file menu. Music and other content can be downloaded at lightning speeds with this app.

From the App Store you can download the VLC Media Player app. Once you fire this app on your iPad you can watch the movie file that you have stored on your iPad. The VLC Media Player app supports movie files in a plethora of formats. Multi-tasking with the two apps saves you the trouble of logging into your iTunes account. All you need to do is select the ‘Open in’ option with the Download HD app. Next from the list, select VLC Media Player from the Menu.

You can use the Download HD app to stream images. Images can be saved under files and they can be opened and added to iOS’s photo app. Additionally, the downloaded images can be imported to editing software like Adobe Photoshop Express app. Apps can be used to upload corrected images on blogs and Social Networking Sites (SNS).

Multi-tasking with images, videos, music files and documents is a lot of fun on your iPad.



Sharing and managing files

GoogleReader is a good file sharing option beyond any doubt. However, if you are looking for more interconnectivity and multi-tasking options you can consider using Dropbox. This app is a great way to draw a connection between various computers and Apple devices. With this tool you can save and share images, videos and documents in a snap.

This app also allows you to keep in touch with your work while on the go. Connect this app to Wi-Fi and you can perform file sharing and management tasks with ease. Once you add the most views files to your “Favorites“, you can view them on your iPad even when you are not connected to the Internet.

Blogging on WordPress

Your iPad can double up as a one of the best social media and blogging tools ever. If you are a blogger on WordPress and an iPad owner, download and runWordPress app on your device. Simultaneously, you need to have the HTML based WordPress based editor opened up on your iPad’s web browser. Juggling between the browser-based WordPress in the html tab and the WordPress app will help you successfully post content on your WordPress blog.

Multi-tasking with iOS

The iOS provides great multi-tasking options. A few multi-tasking possibilities have been discussed below:

  • If you wish to review the status of your apps on your iPad, hit the ‘Home Button’ two times. This will bring up a list of suspended apps and apps that are currently running on your iPad.
  • Swiping the multitasking bar from left to right lets you gain access to the audio-video playback control. This is a shortcut to the iTune app.
  • The AirPlay button allows you to wirelessly monitor your iPad’s display on your Apple TV. You can access options like ‘Volume Controls’ on your Apple TV.

These are just a few multi-tasking options the iOS offers.

With the introduction of apps, multi-tasking options on the iPad are increasing. The iPad is regarded as one of the best multi-tasking devices of all times.

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