The IITJEE life !!


“Trrring…….Trrring” goes the morning alarm, any other 16-year old would break the damn alarm clock for even making the slightest of sounds at this unearthly hour, but for me waking up at 4:30 am in the morning was a daily ritual. Slowly I got up and got myself ready for my 5:00 am IIT coaching class. It was just another day in my life.
Being the nation with millions of IIT crazy parents, it is not uncommon for a kid’s future to be already decided, by the time he starts walking, as for me………Legend has it that my father decided that I was destined to be an IITian just by the way I kicked my mother’s womb, and that at the exact moment of my birth, the very ground shook and there was thunder and lightning, Although the last part might have been slightly exaggerated.


The routine and suffering that a student has to undergo in his path to glory !

The routine and suffering that a student has to undergo in his path to glory !

As I boarded the empty morning train en route to the iit coaching, I noticed an old man hop on to the train just as it was about to leave. There was nothing particularly peculiar about the old man that made him grab my attention, but the fact that he always travelled by the same morning train and in the same coach as me.
In the morning IIT classes one had to be ever attentive, else he would be flogged, or worse – be called up to the board and made to solve a problem. Now, by the time the classes got over, I just about had enough time to go back home, change into my school uniform and have my mother stuff something in my mouth so that I wouldn’t faint in the morning assembly.
The morning school bus was something of a blessing to me, giving me the chance to recover some of the morning sleep that I ‘lost’ thanks to those cursed morning classes.
Now, School was a place where a person like me, an ‘IIT student’ was worshipped. We had special seats reserved just for us in the front rows of the class. In a way we were isolated from the rest of the class, just like how people separated good apples and rotten ones. We were not required to pay attention in class, but merely at times required to solve the doubts of the teachers. For us Lunchtime and break times were mere myths, any free time that we got was to be spent in solving iit questions. As for lunch, we had exactly 2 minutes to stuff whatever was packed from home directly into the digestive system, a skill only we had perfected.
When school got over, I had to rush back and again for the second time of the day my mouth was violated by the loving and caring hand of my mother(Whose only wish was that her son grew up to become nice and chubby).
The Evening iit classes are probably the worst part of the day, as the classes seems to be dragging on forever. By the time they get over, you look at the watch and it says 9.
Dinner is the only meal of the day which takes up about 15 minutes my time, and then I moved onto my room, which were just four walls housing books. Television and computers and the internet were technologies unheard of.
I had to finish all my school homework and assignments and then practise my daily quota of IIT problems, before sleeping could even be considered.
It was midnight, by the time I got into bed and set the alarm clock for 4:30 am in the morning. Reflecting on the day I had, I could only hope to dream about the distant future, a future where freedom was realised or the fantasy world where my IIT sir would cancel his morning classes.
It was just another day in my life.