The Apocalypse. Armageddon. These are some of the names given to the much popularized phenomenon of ‘The end of the world’.
Of late when one thinks End of the world, it takes them to 2012, Mayans etc. What do the Mayans have to do with this end of the world hullabaloo? I shall explain.
The Mayans were a highly advanced civilization, they formulated a calendar for a 5125 year period and this calendar finishes with the now well-known date, 21st December 2012. Also coincidentally this marks the first time in about 26,000 years that the planets and the sun align themselves with the centre of the Milky Way, and this has been interpreted by many as the end of the world.
However, many Mayan experts claim there is no reference to the end of the world on this date, and that perhaps it marks the beginning of a new era.
Let me regale you with a very interesting conspiracy theory I have been hearing about of late.
Humans did not evolve on this planet, they are in fact the result of gene splicing of the homo erectus and a highly advanced alien species called the annunaki. They were created as slaves to these annunaki, and when these annunaki decided that they no longer needed them, they were sent out to earth to flourish independently. Annunaki were a highly advanced civilization, at 25ft tall and had several special abilities that they did not transfer to the humans.
It also claimed that the annunaki sent some of their own species who mated with the humans and became on with them and that the remaining descendants of the annunaki formed a secret group called the illuminate, who have safeguarded the information about the annunaki from humans.

Some of them go as far as to say that Darwin was an illuminate, who proposed evolution, to cover up the way we actually originated.
Why this of the several theories caught my attention was due to the fact that I found several points that eerily support this very fancy theory.

The Sumerians called their gods as annunaki and in several ancient tablets their gods have been shown to be very tall in comparison to the ordinary human height
In Hindu mythology certain gods have been portrayed as blue or green in colour and with special abilities which humans do not possess. Similarly in Christianity Angels were heavenly beings that could fly and had several special abilities as well.
One has to note that even though Christianity and Hinduism were developed independently and 5000 years apart, there some striking similarities between them.


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