The Best Kept Secret – The Master Storyteller proves once again !



Proclaimed by the Times as the greatest storyteller of our time, Jeffery Archer has yet again shown that he is a class apart from most other authors. His latest book, The Best Kept Secret, the 3rd part of the Clifton chronicles was a masterpiece. Keeping the reader in suspense about what happens in the subsequent page he has succeeded in making most of his readers pre- order the fourth book already.

His latest novel has made up for the previous part of the Clifton chronicles, ‘ The sins of the father ‘ which was sadly not up to his level of writing. The Clifton chronicles apart from being an interesting read also illustrate the importance of contraceptive devices. The book explains in detail the long standing problem of the inheritance of an illegitimate child in an era where there was no DNA testing. It cleverly illustrates how a few coincidences and gossips can stop a wedding in its tracks.




The book also has managed to capture the economic conditions of the aristocrats and the poor in the post WW2 era .The booming of the fortunes of the aristocrats due to their investments in modern technologies is depicted. A working of the British Parliament is also explained in the plot since one of the protagonists is an MP of the Labor party.


The influx of cocaine in the English society in the 1960s is also depicted with an Argentinean drug lord being one of the antagonists apart from the long list of people that just want to see the Clifton and Barrington family burn. The climax scene is expected to be shown in the fourth book which most are pining to read.