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On February 1, 2013
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Kadal is a story of two people, Aravind Swamy and Arjun who signify good and bad respectively .This is a bad film considering Mani Ratnam standards and is way better than rest of the films. Verdict - A bit let down by Mani Sir. Rating - 2.75/5

Kadal is a hugely expected Tamil film due to various reasons , one being its Mani Ratnam’s direct Tamil film after more than 10 years , its a debut film of two star kids , it has Aravind Swamy after a long time , has Arjun in a negative role and thee chart buster songs by A.R.Rahman .If you expect this film to be a love story then your guess was totally wrong , this about good versus evil. Mani sir this time takes the reference of bible and adds masala to it.

Technically this one is a very good film , the film opens on a very promising note , the story by Jayamohan is quite impressive but the Screenplay is a let down and we don’t get to relate to the primary four characters.Kadal is a story of two people Aravind Swamy  and Arjun who signify good and bad respectively. Gautham and Thulasi are characters through which the story takes place. The story has a lot of sub-plots and many layers added to it similar to biblical stories. But, the screenplay is in such manner that we don’t get to relate to it easily.



The first 30 minutes of the film is top notch , the encounter between Aravind Swamy and Arjun to the scene upto which we get to see Gautham Kathik , then the film slighlty slows down and takes its own tie to unfold. Thulasi is actually a bad choice for the role and she seems to irritate us most of the times with her childish behaviu0r which actually has crucial importance towards the climax.

Cinematography by Rajeev Menon is top class and it helps in the impact of scenes. The songs come as hurdle to the storyline , though they are beautifully shot.The climax portion has been especially shot in a very well manner by Rajeev Menon which is the highlight of the film ,but it is a little drag towards the end as the climax is cliched.



The plot could have been more clear and better , the post interval first 10 minutes and rest of the second half seem to be unconnected this could have been avoided. We are not able to relate to the heroes plight and his need for redemption . The fight between good and bad is over emphasized at most places .This is a bad film considering Mani Ratnam standards and is way better than rest of the films.

Verdict – A bit let down by Mani Sir.



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