John Grisham’s ‘Calico Joe’ – An Indian Perspective

John Grisham and 'Calico Joe’

John Grisham ‘s novels based on criminal law revolving around the most common yet disturbing crimes has given him an iconic status on the same level as Frederick Forsyth or Jeffery Archer.  . With one of the few current authors who select a random insignificant character in a village as the protagonist still making the reader eager to turn the page, this book was a total disappointment. His latest novel ‘Calico Joe’, I regret to say was an absolute piece of crap. Supposedly a ‘baseball’ novel, it had no twist or the usual excitement that is present in any book.



It was some sentimental thing connecting baseball and father-son relationships. With USA in the “Mommy, Who’s my daddy??” era, It was possible that the ‘relation’ between a junkie father who can’t support his family and son would well received.


John Grisham's 'Calico Joe’

John Grisham’s ‘Calico Joe’

But I have absolutely zero idea why this book was released in the cricket crazy UK/Indian Subcontinent.

(John Grisham’s 2nd and 3rd highest readership respectively) I mean most of us understand jack shit about baseball. Even after downloading a beginner’s guide to baseball titled “Baseball for Dummies “the book was shit. (The average American considers Asia as a country and those who are not baseball/rugby fanatics to be dummies).


John Grisham, a self acclaimed ‘baseball super fan’   probably had some serious relationship problems in his childhood and probably resorted to writing about it to get it off his chest. John, in case you get a divorce, kindly doesn’t write about it. There is a far easier way for you and the readers. Yes, it’s the bottle!!


-Vishnu Theagarajan