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Every day we use software, websites and web apps with little thought or regard for those that conceived or developed those applications. Some apps are developed by very large firms whereas others developed by firms or individuals that have far more limited financial resources.




This article is an interview with Daniel Offer, the owner of a small firm that specialises in the development of Facebook applications. He was previously responsible for the development of the popular Facebook Chat application “Chit Chat for Facebook” and more recently has undertaken a project that involves the creation of Facebook covers with his Facebook cover maker utility.


Why Did You Start Your Software Development Firm?


When I graduated by in 2008 we were at the beginning of a huge global recession, whilst I had graduated in Accounting and Finance there were few opportunities available. I began working for Intel but unfortunately my contract was only for one year. Given that it had taken me six months to find a working opportunity, I decided that I would have to take things into my own hands in order to make a living.


As such, I started working on the now fairly popular Facebook Messenger alternative “Chit Chat for Facebook.”


How Do You Develop Software or WebWare?


The first thing that you have to realize before you start developing software or developing a website is that you are ultimately needing to provide a service of some kind in order to get any traffic or traction within the market.


Most firms have an education problem and distribution problem, in that although they provide a solution to a problem – perhaps, the best in market they struggle to reach out to those that are looking for them.


Software is developed using programming languages which one is required to learn in order to develop an application. Some programming languages are better than others developing applications – for example Delphi was used as the programming language for Chit Chat for Facebook whereas HTML5 was used as the primary programming language for my Facebook Cover maker.


If I Want To Make a Product Where Do I Start?




You need to either learn how to use a programming language, or you need to find someone who can make the product for you. There are a number of marketplaces whereby you can outsource the development of an application to someone who specialises in such activities.


How Does It Work?


The software development market is like any other market place – you need to “buy” at a price and “sell” at a price that exceeds your cost in order to make a profit in the middle.


One thing that people often neglect is that the cost of distribution and making people aware of your applications often exceeds the cost of creating of the app. Moreover, once you’ve created something it often gets copied by a bigger rival quickly.


Additionally, most small software apps make money through derived demands – i.e. they make money through advertising rather than the use of the software product that they have created.


What Are The Top Three Tips That You Have For Creating Facebook Apps?


  1. Demand–Before you start developing something you need to determine whether there is demand for the product that you intend to develop, if there is no demand then you will struggle!
  2. Platform– Although people seem to have an affinity with Facebook, Facebook has been very good at sucking developers in and then reducing the extent to which they can promote their applications on their format without costly advertisements. There is a significant development risk involved with developing Facebook apps, as such, I would advise working outside the platform as best you can – as Farmville has also recently discovered.
  3. Profit–Before you start, you need to figure out how to maintain good cashflow and how to make a profit with the app that you intend to develop. If the amount of users or actions that you require is unrealistic then the opportunity that you are looking at may be best avoided.


Tell usabout the Facebook Cover App That you are workingonnow


I’m currently engaged in the promotion of a free Facebook cover maker app that allows users to generate their own cover for Facebook. As many Facebook users know, their photos don’t always make the best Facebook covers and it takes time to create something nice from scratch either by photography or byway of digital art. As such, I’ve come up with a Facebook cover maker that allows you to make something up yourself quickly and easily.


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