India – Sri lanka ties : The LLRC draft resolution


The India – Sri Lanka Eelam issue has been a problem for over decades. Ever since the LTTE – Sri Lankan army war ended, the issue of reconcilation of the displaced/affected Tamils in Sri Lanka has resulted in increased tensions between the neighbour countries. Despite reassurances from the Rajapaksa led government that, sincere measures have been taken up to help restore normalcy in the conflict zones, nothing concrete seems to be happened.

Indiscriminate violence continues to be directed against the Tamils and their situation seems to be worsening by the day. India has been applying diplomatic/political pressure on Sri lanka over the years, but the stubborn sri Lanka government hasnt relented to India’s demands for a seperate Eelam State. Adding to India’s woes is the United States’ recent stand on the Indo – Lankan issue,

The US has proposed a weak/empty draft resolution based on Sri Lanka’s LLRC policy (Learn lesson and Respond Concretely) tabled at the recently concluded 22nd Session of the UNHRC. This serves as a blow to India’s efforts to force Sri Lanka form a seperate Tamil Eelam. Despite obvious evidence of the war crimes, the US resolution dosent stress on an independent international investigation on the war crimes.

LLRC Draft Content :

Both the demands of the Sri Lankan Tamils were ignored in this draft proposal

  1. Approach the issue nationally and come up with solutions to alleviate the Eelam Tamils.
  2. Sanction international investigations on the war crimes.

Other than the need of local investigations, reforms and guarantees to freedoms, the draft specifies demilitarization of only the `North of Sri Lanka’ comfortably forgetting the East,
The draft also specifies implementing “impartial land dispute resolution mechanisms.” – meaning that the land of Eezham Tamils should be distributed to every one `impartially’ and that the Tamils to be chased away!!
Public Response :

“It is extremely disappointing and counter-productive” said Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, leader of Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF). “If the LLRC findings are going to be the ‘starting point’ for any future prospects, chances of progress are difficult” he further adds.

Outrage :

Students from colleges in Chennai, Chidambaram, Chengalpet, Coimbatore, Kumbakonam, Trichy, Tanjore and Tirunelveli have protested, condemning the pro-LLRC US resolution and urged for a referendum among the Eelam Tamils for a sovereign Tamil Eelam.

Trichy saw violent protests in the past week. The railway junction was targeted as part of the attacks against Central government establishments. The Trichy to Palakkad passenger was surrounded by the students who shouted slogans against the Centre. Besides, violence was recorded at The head post office and one of the SBI branches.

The 9 point demand of ‘All Colleges Students Federation of Tamil Nadu for the Liberation of Tamil Eelam’ is as follows

  1. We strongly condemn the US-draft resolution. Do not pass it at UNHRC
  2. What took place in Ilangkai [Sri Lanka] is not merely war crimes or violations of human rights, but planned genocide
  3. International investigation and referendum are the only solutions for the Tamils. Government of India should propose a resolution to bring in international investigation and to conduct a referendum on independent Tamil Eelam.
  4. A proposal should be made to remove the Deputy High Commission of the Sinhala chauvinistic State from the Tamil soil [Tamil Nadu]. India should severe all diplomatic relations with Ilangkai [Sri Lanka].
  5. Government of India, accepting the request of the Tamil Nadu State Government, should implement economic sanctions on Ilangkai [Sri Lanka].
  6. On behalf of the Tamil Nadu State Government, a foreign relations department should be created to assure the security of global Tamils.
  7. No Asian country should be a member in the [international] investigation committee.
  8. Killing Tamil Nadu fishermen should be stopped immediately.
  9. If the Government of India is not finding solution to the question of Eezham Tamils, we will not pay any taxes from Tamil Nadu. We, students, will actively engage in this campaign.

Humorously, Sri Lanka has claimed that it has implemented 99 percent of the recommendations of the reconciliation commission already. So much for the rest 1 percent!!


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