HTC M7 Review

HTC M7 review
Review of: HTC M7

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On January 19, 2013
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The HTC M7 seems a winning proposition. If the handset (set to be formally launched at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress in February in 2013) is priced right then smartphone buyers will surely be in ecstasy.

HTC appear keen to wrest the initiative from Apple, Samsung, and the like with some exciting new product announcements. Of these, the HTC M7 smartphone is perhaps the most awaited launch from the Taiwanese major’s stable. Although the M7 hasn’t been officially released yet (CES 2013 release plans were apparently shelved), some intrepid online portals have managed to glean important details about the device. Here’s what you can expect from the M7:
According to reliable sources, HTC has outfitted the M7 with a sleek black exterior composed most probably of aluminum, similar to the features possessed by HTC’s other Droid DNA smartphone. Taking the former assertion to be true, the chassis can be expected to have nicely shaped edges, fetching side panels, and a soft-surfaced posterior portion. The device is said to be sufficiently compact too which will make it easy to hold and operate.
The M7 is touted to sport a 4.7-inch touchscreen embedded with a breakthrough display knowhow called SoLux. SoLux is said to be even more advanced than the SLCD3 display knowhow used in earlier HTC smartphones. Moreover, the M7’s screen is outfitted with full HD (1080p) properties and a density of 468 pixels per inch. All these facets make for an exhilarating display that ought to render vivid graphics, brilliant colors, and superlative detailing. Further, the screen’s multi-touch and proximity detecting characteristics should make operations a breeze too.

HTC M7 review

HTC M7 review

Internal Specifications
• The M7 is believed to entrench HTC’s latest 5.0 user interface, which is a step up from the current 4+ version, and also Android’s fresh Jelly Bean operating system (version 4.1.2). User may look forward to faster navigation, enhanced HTC apps, and boosted functionalities like an updated lock screen and revamped on-screen volume management.

• The device is said to encompass a quad core 1.7 GHz Snapdragon processor with an advanced S4 configuration. This robustness is aided with the addition of 2GB RAM making for a very speedy gadget indeed.

• The M7 is rumored to feature 32GB as internal storage with a possible memory expandability option.

• Networking attributes include 3G and LTE capability (which can be taken as 4G-enabled) as well as support for Bluetooth and the recently launched 802.11ac wireless LAN mechanism. Phone callers can expect good call lucidness thanks to HTC’s new proprietary “Clear Words” calling software.

• HTC has supposedly equipped the device with an adequate 2300 mAh li-ion battery that ought to provide reasonable periods of mobile usage.

Cameras and Sound
• The M7 is understood to possess an excellent 13-megapixel rear camera fitted with a gargantuan f/2.0 aperture. The camera is said to sport HTC’s Cinesensor camera knowhow that permits high-definition and also slow motion video recordings. Users can definitely expect high-quality image and movie output with enhanced settings factored in as well.

• There’s a front-facing camera in the scheme too having an enviable 2-megapixel resolution and able to render full HD (1080p) movies.

• The M7 will most likely embody the Beats audio technology complete with distinctive external stereo speakers facilitating heightened and cleared sound.

The HTC M7 seems a winning proposition. If the handset (set to be formally launched at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress in February in 2013) is priced right then smartphone buyers will surely be in ecstasy.
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