Eat green, live healthy


Want to have a better chance of maintaining a healthy body as you grow older? Want to have a cholesterol-free diet?  Well, my friend, ditch the meat. Become a vegetarian.

People are drawn to vegetarianism because of various motives like but the most popular reason is the one to live longer, a healthier life according to the statistics published by the International Vegetarian Congress.




“70% of all diseases, 1/3rd of all cancers are related to your diet. So what you eat reflects how healthy you are”, says Dr.Priya Jayachandran, a leading nutritionist in the city. Scientific reasons are present in abundance to demonstrate why one should become vegetarian for health reasons. Today sci­en­tific research has estab­lished that a healthy veg­e­tar­ian diet can play a major role in pre­vent­ing dis­ease and achiev­ing opti­mal health and longevity.


“I always used to be affected by food poisoning during my college days. Most of the time I’ll fall sick within days of eating chicken biryani or for that matter any non vegetarian food. My doctor suggested that I stop eating meat for some days. I was someone who couldn’t get through lunch without chicken. Initially it was difficult but somehow I managed to resist myself. After a month, I didn’t crave for chicken anymore. Thankfully, no more food poisoning”, expresses 22 year old Nishita Raju.  Not only will it reduce our risk of food borne illness but a balanced vegetarian diet are naturally free of cholesterol laden artery clogging animal products that physically slows us  and keeps us hitting the snooze button morning after morning.  Grains, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables are so high in complex carbohydrates that they supply the body with plenty of energizing fluids.

“Vegetarian food will give you more energy. Non vegetarian diet means more fat in your bloodstream. Your arteries won’t open up properly and your muscles won’t get enough oxygen. Thus you end up feeling zapped”, proclaims Dr.Priya.





Recently, a study was conducted that showed that vegetarians have resting metabolic rates (RMR) that are 33% higher than the RMR’s of non vegetarians. A heightened RMR will allow a person to burn fat and calories a lot more quickly than average. On the other hand, a lower RMR will increase the risk of becoming overweight and developing serious health problems that are related to weight issues like diabetes, heart disease, and strokes.

There is not one single fruit or vegetable that contains any cholesterol; it is a fact that cholesterol only comes from animal sources. Keep in mind that every time you eat a meatless dish you’re doing your body a favor and it will end up thanking you in the long run with better health. A study was actually done where 15,000 women were questioned about their personal experiences with menopause, the “M” word every woman dreads. Vegetarian women reportedly have far less symptoms than women with meat in their diets. Scientists believe that plants contain natural estrogens and there is a relationship between falling estrogen levels and increased menopausal symptoms.


Consuming more fruits, vegetables, and grains can actually curtail the drop of estrogen levels. So, by merely substituting every meat dish with a tasty vegetarian diet you can actually increase both your quality of life and your life span.


So, the thought of becoming a vegetarian seems appealing to you but you’re a bit overwhelmed. Are you trying to figure out exactly how to become a vegetarian? If you want to convert but are not ready to quit all at once, try gradually switching over. Start by eliminating only one type of meat from your diet . Then, after some time, drop another. And, throughout this process, begin incorporating vegetarian meals into your schedule. Start off slowly, have a couple vegetarian meals a week. Over time, increase the number of vegetarian meals until all meat is eliminated from your diet.


A huge vegetarian benefit nowadays is that vegetarian dishes do not taste like they’re good for you. No one has the time, energy or the patience to prepare a full course meal every day, three times. Vegetarian food the easiest food preparation can get. Many vegetarian foodcompanies, like MTR, recognize this fact and as a result, they sell prepackaged vegetarian meals and mixes that you can throw together in minutes. Preparing meatless meals has never been so convenient!


It is extremely effortless to find great tasting and good vegetarian food. It is as easy as finding Indians in India. If you want to try something new, Google is always there to help us. Most quick bites joints in India have added healthy salads to their menu card. McDonalds, the fast food giant has planned to open all-vegetarian joints at various pilgrimage sites across the country.


Becoming a vegetarian is as easy as you choose to make it. Whether you want to grab a quick bite before running off to college or prepare an elaborate three course meal for your special one, vegetarianism offers it all.So rather than asking yourself why go vegetarian, ask the real question: Why haven’t you gone vegetarian?