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On October 2, 2013
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The movie can be divided into three sequences in which Vijay Sethupathi's sequence alone works wonders for the film , whereas the other two let down the film. Verdict - Sumaar Munji Kumar padam Sumaar Rating - 2.5/5

Idharkudaane Aasaipattai Balakumara (IAB/iDhaaba) Vijay Sethupathi’s next after the cult hit “Soodhu Kaavum” was released today with high expectations ,but does the film meet it ? Director Gokul of “Rowthiram” fame like his previous film has tried to experiment in the storytelling , he does succeed to a certain level . But , the film doesn’t work overall as a comedy due to pace in which it travels.

The casting is interesting , everyone fit the bill . The film has three sequences within it taking place in a single day.Vijay Sethupathi’s portions excel and lift the film , whereas the other two drag the pace of the film and at times irritate the viewers.

“Naan Kadavul” Rajendran is on a experiment spree we see him on a new light once again after “Raja Rani” , most of the cast from “Rowthiram” have been used by Gokul . The film is about “Kumar” aka “Sumaar Munji Kumar ” (Vijay Sethupathi ) , “Bala” (Ashwin) , “Patti”Babu and “Painter” Rajendran. A drunken drive accident leads to an unexpected turn of events. The film is technically sound and colorful. But. something in the script is lacking which fails to bring the intended laughs. Maybe the release of a spring of comedy films is making the audience fatigue to this genre.



The number of songs is minimal , yet they look unwanted and wrongly placed especially the Aswin duet in the beginning.The Vijay Sethupathi and Pasupathy sequence involving Nandhita is a laugh riot and brings the roof down.

The message towards the end brings in smile and the intention is good.Overall it is an inconsistent comedy , which could have been a better film.And is it another hit for Vijay Sethupathi ? Only time can tell !

Verdict - Sumaar Munji Kumar padam Sumaar

Rating – 2.5/5


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