Cinema 2012 – The Top 10 Hollywood movies

The Hollywood films people enjoyed in 2012


Note: Few important films have not been included in this post as they have not yet released in India such as Django Unchained, Lincoln, Les Miserables, Zero Dark Dirty and few others.

the amazing spider-man - blockbuster hit in India

the amazing spider-man – blockbuster hit in India

We had a lot of big high profile Hollywood releases this year and a lot of sequels and few reboots too. The most important and one of the biggest hit of the year, “The Dark Knight Rises” (TDKR) an epic conclusion to the Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan. In a poll conducted by Pulse72+ regarding the most satisfying movie of the year TDKR came as a clear winner. Thought the movie had some criticism from the US critics most of the Indian critics gave it clear thumbs up. But, the biggest box-office hit is The Amazing Spider-Man a reboot to the Spider-Man series, owing to the immense popularity of Spider-Man in India the movie got a tremendous opening, though the movie was felt as unwanted reboot for the series the film had a good run at the box-office as it had released during the holiday season.Hunger games was the first box-office hit of the year.

hunger games- the first blockbuster of 2012

hunger games- the first blockbuster of 2012

Other notable box-office hits include Marvel’s Avengers, Men in Black -3, Skyfall and Life of Pi. Films such as Argo, Moonrise Kingdom, Looper and Twilight had a good run at the box-office. We had new technology such as HFR 3D and Dolby ATMOS coming to our country through The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey and Life of Pi respectively. Joseph Gordon Lewiit was the actor with maximum releases in the form of TDKR, Looper and Premium Rush. Some films did have an early release in India before their US release such as Avengers, Skyfall and the Amazing Spider-Man.

Films such as Ted and The Campaign did bring few laughs among the audience. Cloud Atlas and Life of Pi were both adaptations of unfilmable books and the audience did enjoy both. Twilight Saga: The Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Playing for Keeps were the biggest duds of the year. The year had a right mix of all kind of films and the coming year looks more promising with a great line up of Hollywood films.

It is also sad that some of the Oscar worthy and important films have not released yet. But, we will have them soon in India and more films are going to have an early Indian release prior to their US release. Man of Steel as of now is the most awaited film of 2013.Two important films Tom Cruise Jack Reacher and Jackie Chan’s last action film CZ12 are releasing on December 28,2012 both these are action films .

These awards are based on a poll along with the Pulse72+jury decision:

Best Film of the year (Popular Choice) – The Dark Knight Rises

Best Film of the year (Pulse72+ choice) – Argo

Must watch Film of the year – Moonrise Kingdom

Entertaining Film of the year- Avengers

The Film with extraordinary visuals – Life of Pi

The Hollywood films people enjoyed in 2012

The Hollywood films people enjoyed in 2012


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