As the rooster crows to connote the dawn, the sun rises in the east marking the start of a day, and there begins  your choices for the day. It’s not character or attitude that characterises you but the choices you make in your life. It’s that, that invariably questions your actions and is detrimental throughout your life. Choices are always aplenty. It’s just that you must be wise to choose the right one. The right one is not the easy one. But, it is the one that is always chosen cause the people lack dexterity.



Situations may present itself such that the choices may be limited. That too the ones available will be the ones that might make you carry a baggage full of mistakes throughout your life. The baggage is difficult to drop.
The thought of having to choose between two options is scary especially when you know it’s going to be life changing. But the game is played that way. You really don’t have an option here but to choose the one that you could possibly put up with. Usually the travelling the road that is not commonly traveled by could make all the difference. You may be paranoid in travelling down that path when the alternate is so much easier. It may look to be promising in the short run but definitely not in the long run.
Choices are delusional. They trick you but in the end they eventually stick with you though you may not want it. There is this notion in various religions that you go to hell or heaven depending on the choices you make. That is cause actions are a consequence of the choices you pick and these actions saunter throughout your journey.
Some choices that are made are repented for, while some are cherished. Either the case, you really cannot sidestep from making one!
-Karthik Margabandu
Amrita Vishwa  Vidyapeetham


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