The Mozart of Madras


A S Dileep Kumar was a normal child. Interested in becoming a computer engineer and nothing more, a humble teenager complaining and all that, at the age of nine his dad Shekar passed away. It was a tough journey for him from then. Playing the synthesizer and keyboard for Ilayaraja he made some decent bucks to support his life. Then tragedy befell as his sister had fallen terribly ill. Sheikh Abdul Quadir cured her and invited them to follow Islam.
Dileep chose the name Allah Rakha Rahman.


A.R.Rahman – The Tamizhan

A true believer of God and a human being all of us can learn from, A R Rahman has proved time and again that simplicity and tranquility can lay down a path straight into the hearts of the masses. For many Indian’s of current generation, there may not be a better Music director than ARR. From Roja to Couple’s Retreat, his journey in Music has always been accepted by people world over.

MTV did a marvellous job at marketing by making “Isai Puyal” feature at their grand opening of Royal Stag Unplugged Season Two. Well, I wouldn’t blame them as we got to see ARR perform live after a very long time. Rumor has it that he would perform one in Chennai soon enough. With such panache did the line of songs come in, audience could do nothing but remain grasped in his musical restrains.

Unveiling a brand new song for the first time in the show, it wasn’t much of a surprise when it became viral all over the internet with people going crazy over the song within hours of its life in the cloud. Titled Nenjukullae sung by Sakthishree Gopalan, the song is light-hearted but I wouldn’t pin it down as his master piece.
Smart use as always of varying instruments in the background and opening with a classic flute bit the song moves further to become progressively, well, the kind of song you would expect in mushy romantic movies. Meaningful lyrics and clever play with octaves gives this song a special feel. Many would find the initial repetition kind of annoying, but it grows into you eventually. I felt the word “mudinjirukken” at a particular stanza to have been squeezed in to fit the flow of the song. Dil Se Re, Aaj Jane Ki zidh na karo, Tu Bole were the other numbers that ARR performed.

Unplugged Season 2 did boast other fine performances. But more about that later. This was about
the Oscar winner. About the tamizhan. About Allah Rakha Rahman.