5 Anytime Watchable Movies on DVD

Requiem for a Dream


After a gruelling and exhausting week, watching a movie is the best way to chill and to get into the holiday mode. Watching a damp squib is a sure recipe to ruin your weekend. So I will try my best to recommend a few movies which from my perspective can help you enjoy some meaningful cinema and make the weekend even more special. I would like to start with some seasoned classics.



1. Requiem for a Dream:

Requiem for a Dream

Requiem for a Dream

Story, Screenplay- Fabulous

Music- One of the best

The word which immediately strikes my head once I think about this movie is “MINDNUMBING”.A well crafted storyline depicting the various events occurring in the life of 4 drug addicts. The mind of every character is truly encircled by the influence of miniscule weight of drugs which takes the addicts to heaven in their presence and hell in their absence.  The way how the lead characters suffer is just disturbing, shocking. A hard hitting story with a spine chilling BGM, a movie buff cannot ask for more. You are bound to find it tough to detach yourself from the movie loop even after you have finished watching it.

A must watch just to celebrate some truly realistic and disturbing cinema!


2. The Usual Suspects:

The usual Suspects

The usual Suspects


Story, Screenplay- You will run out of superlatives to describe a movie of this stature. The movie never has a dull moment and the movie spins in a way that it calls for multiple watches.

Music – Crisp music that reflects the mood of the film.

A top notch star cast, an unexpected twist, and an engrossing story line ! Wow with these, director hits “BULLS EYE”. The Usual Suspects is one of the few movies which you can enjoy any number of times and the director has assembled the story in a way that you stumble upon something new every time you watch the movie. The movie runs around 100 minutes and once the movie gets into your skin, it would grab your full attention. (In fact I finish writing about this classic and am tempted to watch the movie again). Prepare to have your favourite movie dethroned just for The Usual Suspects to take its place.

Do spare some time for this movie!




3. Reservoir dogs:

Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs

Story, Screenplay-With Tarantino at the helm, No questions should be raised

Music- Brilliant when needed, but the dialogues replace the music in a vintage Tarantino flick

This is a movie of 99 minutes with no scenic locales unless you are generous enough to call a battered garage one. But what it has is a strong storyline guaranteeing you a masterpiece all the way. Being an avid Tarantino fan since I started watching movies this generally occupies a place close to the mind rather than the heart just because every dialogue is spot on and the screen presence of the leads is just brilliant and finding a fault in this cult classic is just a hypothetical question. Tarantino keeps the story very simple saying how the survivors of a bank robbery suspect their accomplices. This is a movie where the casting is perfect. This is where all the parallel storytelling began in modern day cinema. Tarantino in my opinion has not been able to surpass his debut directorial marvel till date. There is a saying-“Barking dogs seldom bite”. But in this movie the “dogs” not only bark but they also ferociously bite. The violence may put off a few people, but try to look past it.

A neo noir classic and a modern day Gangster flick which I highly recommend.





4. The Departed-

The Departed

The Departed

Story, Screenplay- Inspired by Infernal affairs, the movie has a Scorsese feel through and through, riveting enough and to make you yearn for more screen time.

Music- I am shipping off to Boston by dropkick Murphy’s will be ringing in your ears for a long time.

A story of infiltration, deceit among the Boston Police and between the Irish mobs. With a fantastic and talented cast at his disposal Scorsese weaves a classic with such a racy screenplay that will lead you to believe that this is the definition of Hollywood “masala”. The movie is nothing short of spectacular. The plot may not seem original but the film gives you a feeling of something new with the intensity of a drama and the awe of an action flick. In the end Scorsese just adds another great movie to his resume.

Seldom do you see an inspired movie as good as the original. Grab it!


5. Inception:



Story, Screenplay-Mindboggling, puzzling, out of the world.

Music: Hans Zimmer at his very best.

To sum it up in a few lines from the movie itself: “What’s the most resilient parasite? An idea; a single idea from the human mind can build cities. An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules.  Which is why I have to steal it. “While the base of the movie may sound very simple, it demands the attention of every neuron in your brain, to completely make yourself ready for a rollercoaster ride. The blending of technical brilliance and visual splendour is the highlight of the movie. Inception is a riveting watch from the first scene to the last. Not watching this film should be rated as a crime. Saying the movie as magnificent is just an understatement.

Watch it or be a criminal in my world!

Do catch these movies for enjoying the real taste of what the silver screen can offer when it is at its best.