Twelve, Twelve, Twelve – An ode to the Thalaivar



While there’s great hue and cry over the rush of several mothers to deliver their children on the coveted triple twelve date, Caesarean or otherwise, there is a section of people who have enough reason to believe that the true explanation for this craze is as simple as the man whose birthday it is- Rajinikant.

They said he was a commercial actor – That was by choice, not for lack of prowess. They said he was one dimensional- Oh detractors, not one, but three dimensions in the self-explanatory Moondru Mugam. They said he would fade, but he has always shone as the true superstar. On this very special occasion, befittingly, Pulse 72+ takes a look at twelve dialogues of our Thalaivar that have endeared us to his inimitable style and his effervescent screen presence.


12. “Poda. Aandavaney namma pakkam irukkaan

After all that’s been debated about God and all the tongue-in-cheek takes on the Almighty by you-know-who, this still trumps everything with its sheer simplicity. And the tone of delivery really does make you believe that after all, the combination of Rajni and God ought to combat anything. ANYTHING.

11. “En vazhi Thani Vazhi. Seendathey.”

       If everyone stuck to their business, and stopped poking their nose in every pizza, the world would truly be a better place to live in.  Well, this warning is just because our man is considerate even to his enemies. Thick skinned detractors, watch out. If you still choose to meddle, you deserve your fate.

10. “Kanna, naan PM. Makkal panatha makkal kitta kondu poi sekkura sadharana postman!”

The sheer audacity of the dialogue is an attention- grabber. How cool would it be if  every note of currency had something on it that would reveal if it was really hard earned or just looted mercilessly? Well, Prime Minister or Pranabh Mukherjee or Post Man, does it matter? The true supremo is that citizen who betters the nation.

9.  “Hypothetical Question!!”

      One could dismiss this one as a witty reply to a knotty question, but truly it captures the essence of side stepping pointless things in life. The next time someone irritates you with questions about your friends’ friends’ girlfriend, remember this one. Although, a word of caution: Do not try this in your Chemistry exam. Nothing’s as bad as putting Thalaivar in soup because you didn’t know borax contained Zirconium. Or Lead. Wait, it could be Methane. Oh, let’s leave it at that.

8. “Alavukku athikama aasa padra aambalaiyum alavukku athikama kova padra pombalayum nimmadhiya vazhndhadha sartithiramey kidayathu!!”

Essentially, content men and calm women should do well in life. Looks like a statement tailor made for our politicians, doesn’t it? After all, men in power looting 1.76 Lakh C and women in power engaging in fisticuffs and verbal sparring, never bode well for a nation.

7.  “Naan eppa varuven, eppadi varuvennu yarukkum theriyadhu, aana varavendiya neratthil             correct-a varuven.”

Now we know how Christopher Nolan arrived at the concept of darkness being Batman’s greatest ally. Stealth? Deceit? He’s got everything. Also, he arrives just in time. Time to cry foul over plagiarism??

6.  “Naan solrathaiyum seiven, sollathathiyum seiven.”

       A person who stuck to the above ideal would be every boss’ dream employee. Staying one step ahead, with a knack of getting things done without being told to, is something desirable. Only if India’s bureaucracy thought so too, there wouldn’t need to be rallies, protests and chair-throwing to get essential stuff done.

5. “Ghatham Ghatham”

Fastrack owes one to our Thalaivar for this. Move on? Exactly what this dialogue tries to say.  What’s done is done. The only thing you can achieve by crying over spilt milk is making it salty. Push ahead, the world’s waiting.                                             


4.  “Kedaikiradhu kedaikkama irukkadhu, kedaikkama irukkuradhu kedaikkadhu”

The humble man that he is, this is probably what he would say if you asked him about why National Awards elude him. Oh, there is something he was meant to get. The adulation of millions that he was destined for.

3. “Chumma Adhurudhu La”

Wreaking havoc on your enemies is one thing. Taunting them is another. Steve Waugh’s Australian team did exactly that. Not only did they hammer their opponents day in and day out, they also got into their mind and played with it.  So we know who else is good at sledging.

2. “Kanna. Panninga thaan kootama varum. Singam single ah thaan varum”

This is not just a mere zoological observation. They call it a pride of lions, but truly the individual lion’s pride is what infuses so much majesty into this species. Not being bogged down by the numbers in the opposition and carrying out a task single-handedly is a chivalrous trait that’s been lost to the ages. A certain Shakib-Al-Hasan may still have some left in him.

1.  “Na oru dharava sonna, nooru dharava sonna madhiri”

Oh, don’t conclude that he’s speaking into the echo canyon.  He’s just saying that his words are certain and concrete. He says it once and it’s etched. Promises are permanent. You can call it honesty in speech. Or integrity. Or Truth. Which, by the way, always triumphs.

There’s a lot more to be discovered in the folds of Rajni’s cinematic dialogue scrolls. We truly salute the simplicity and dedication of this leviathan, and wish him the best of health. Thalaiva, you rock.

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